Rules & Regulations

Know them before you break them.

Rules of lending
In Denmark it is free of charge to borrow from the public libraries.
Materials from the public libraries can be borrowed by everyone. Materials can be borrowed from and returned to either one of the libraries in Viborg Kommune.

Borrower’s card
Adult borrowers use health insurance card combined with a PIN-code. By registration you must show identification papers with your photograph on them. Children and young people under 16 years can get a special library card or use the health insurance card. By registration you must show identification papers with your civil registration number.

The card must be used every time you borrow. The card is personal, and you are responsible for every material borrowed on the card.

If you lose your card, you may apply to the library, so we can block your card from further borrowing.

Lending period
The lending period is 7, 14 or 28 days. The date of return is shown on the borrower’s receipt.

If you want to extend the lending period, it must be done before the lending period runs out. If the material is not reserved for others, the period can be extended twice.
Extend the lending period yourself at, through “lånerdata”, by telephone, or by visiting the Viborg Libraries.

Reservation of material
If the material, you want to borrow, is already lent out, the material can be reserved.
You can make your own reservations of library materials on the Internet at

If the library does not have the required material, you can order it at or by visiting the Viborg Libraries.

You will be notified by e-mail og text, when the material can be collected.
On our website you can change and correct your contact information. It is your responsibility that they are correct.

Claim for damages
If you lose materials, ruin them, or you have not returned them 7 weeks after the lending period has expired, you are liable to pay damages to the library. The amount of damages is normally the library’s actual cost price plus a fee for binding the materials.

For a multiple volume work, a music album, and other works in more volumes, which only can be bought jointly, we can claim the full amount for the whole work, even though only a part of the material is ruined or lost.

The public libraries are not responsible for break-downs or harm on apparatus, which might occur during the use of  DVD, CD and so on.

If you have paid for a lost material which you find, you are entitled to a refund within a year on showing your receipt.

The Viborg Libraries include all the libraries in Viborg Kommune.

The libraries’ opening hours can be found on our website.