Fees and Charges

Overview of which of our services that may cost you a small fee or charge.

Most of our services are free of charge. Some things - such as returning a borrowed material too late - do cost a small amount of money. With due-date reminders you can avoid most of them. Besides overdue materials we charge a small amount for printing and copying.

Charges for overdue materials
If the material is not returned or renewed on time you must pay a fee. It is the return date that decides the amount of the fee. If you return materials with different return dates, a fee will be demanded for each date. The return date(s) is shown on the borrower’s receipt.

Fees (per January 1st 2007)

1-7 days
DKK 20
DKK 10
8-14 days
DKK 50
DKK 10
15-21 days
DKK 100
DKK 25
22-35 days
DKK 120
DKK 50
36-49 days
DKK 220
DKK 75

3 weeks after the lending period has expired, the library will send you a recall. If the material is not returned 7 weeks after the lending period has expired, you will receive a bill. The fee for this bill is DKK 220 for adults and DKK 75 for children.
If the bill is not paid, arrears department in Viborg Kommune will take over the case. You will not be able to borrow before the account is settled.