Join a worldwide book club

In the ”Big Library Read” we read or listen to a book in English in order to discuss the book (online) with readers from all over the world.

Between 13 and 27 July, the Big Library Read offers readers the opportunity to read or listen to Audrey Blakes book “The Girl in His Shadow” free of charge.

You can discuss the book with other readers across the world. It will take place on Big Library Com.

On "The Girl in His Shadow" you can read more about the book and the author just as you can find questions for you to discuss in the book club. You may also read the book in your private book club.

To read or listen to the book, please use the app “Libby”. Find more information on Big Library Com.

You use your own library log in and the book will be accessible from 13 to 27 July.

Enjoy your read!